SMC Celebrates Literacy Month 2014

Literacy is the ability to read and write. The term may also refer to familiarity with literature and to a basic level of education obtained through the written word. In ancient civilizations such as those of the Sumerians and Babylonians, literacy was the province of an elite group of scholars and priests. The spread of literacy in Europe in the Middle Ages was evidenced by the use of writing for functions once conducted orally, such as the indenture of servants and the notation of evidence at trials. (

 South Mansfield College (SMC) recently held its annual commemoration of Literacy Month with the theme “Sharpening Language Skills for Global Citizenship.” The celebration included contests like the Spelling Bee and Impromptu Speaking. Preschool to Grade Two pupils performed their Hallmarks with a certain degree of accuracy. On the other hand, Grade 3 to High School students competed in the Hallmark Presentation. At the end of the program, Grade 6—Perseverance wowed the judges with their interpretation of “Success” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. In the High School Division, Third Year—Integrity showed precision in their movements and diction in their performance of “Can’t”, the famous poem written by Edgar Albert Guest.

Most of the students found the entire event to be one of the most exciting activities the school has conducted. They even suggested to their ELA/ ECA teachers to do the aforementioned activities once a month because they truly enjoyed it. The Literacy Month Celebration was an entertaining experience, as well. Congratulations to the Literacy Month Contests’ Winners! 


Impromptu Speaking Contest (High School)
1st Place : Jem Bettina Tan
2nd Place: Desiree Marguereth Galiza
3rd Place: John Matthew Obias

Spelling Bee
Grades 3 – 6
1st Place: Ann Margareth Tapac
2nd Place: Mara Beatriz Guerriva
High School
1st Place: Marella Licup
2nd Place: James Marvene Camson

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