Year End Message from the Principal

Ten months ago, a new door opened to 603 kids and 70 adults who stood as second parents to them. Day in and day out, they lived harmoniously within the portals of an institution called South Mansfield College.

They laughed together, cried together, stood up together after a fall, and celebrated together after each achievement. With the support of their parents and the community, these kids became fine young individuals who grew strong and confident in every aspect of their lives.

Now that we are closing another colorful chapter of our learning together, it is but fitting to thank our parents who entrusted their precious children to us, our teachers and staff whose passion sparked a meaningful journey together, and God Almighty for the daily wisdom and grace, and for putting these characters together into a heartwarming story that is, academic year 2018-2019!

Kudos to all our achievements! We did it because of growth mindset and grit! 

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