SMC parents support online learning during the ECQ

SMC parents support online learning during the ECQ When the government’s Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on CoVID-19 recommended a mandatory Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon, South Mansfield College teachers and learners transitioned from face-to-face onsite teaching and learning to remote virtual classroom. SMC is aware that this shift is going to be challenging and difficult but everyone rose to the occasion and took advantage of technology.

South Mansfield College would like to express its gratitude to everyone’s support and understanding as we ensure academic continuity. We appreciate our parents who are supportive of their children and have taken the virtual classroom with a positive and welcoming attitude. Indeed, your patience and support demonstrate our strong home-school collaboration as partners in the holistic development of our students.

Here are some heartwarming notes from our parents:

Thank you for spearheading the online classes of our children. They are very productive and are learning every day. They aren’t really missing any academic enriching lessons and exercises.
Cheq Navarro

Been waiting for the online class for ECED! Thank you! Looking forward for more details. Melchie Ortiz-Cas

Thank you po ECED goes online this day! Royals SMC good job!
Merly Vergara

Thanks for the constant updates. Hats off to all teachers, faculty members, admin and other staff of SMC. We truly appreciate all your hard work.
Ivy Lucas -Plata

Thank you SMC for your dedication to learning. Good job!
Beneth Chua-Zafra

I hear your voices in the morning, talking about your daily topics as my girls go online... But beyond that I also hear your patience and dedication and love for the children. Thank you for this. We are beyond grateful .
Sharon Kit LB

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