Parents commend SMC’s VOLT classes

Academic Year 2020-2021 brings us to a lot of possibilities. Besides welcoming a new normal in our daily life, the pandemic also created the dawning of virtual educational landscape. As the Department of Education (DepEd) pursues measures to ensure that learning continues, South Mansfield College took on a bigger challenge since March 2020 to create and implement seamless virtual learning for our students through the VOLT (virtual online learning and teaching).

To prepare our community for the VOLT classes, teachers and staff attended 2 months training on course design making and implementation of the course via Moodle. Students and parents were also oriented about the LMS (learning management system), G Suite and the VOLT itself. Not to mention, that all teachers were certified through the Coursera Course on Learning To Teach Online.

With so much preparation, we are now reaping the fruit of our labor. Here are the accolades from parents:

Yes! Yes! Kudos! Day 2 and my kids are so independent in navigating the tools already. That means a lot! (GS Parent)

Super enjoy and excited po si kenzo sa online class nya everyday.  (PS Parent)

Thank you teachers for your hardwork. (GS Parent)

A lot has improved since the last SY's online class. Good job SMC and all the teachers! I think what helped is they got the online experience before. I had my own complaints but I also understand that everyone is adjusting. Glad that SMC did the necessary adjustments during the break to make this online learning work.  (GS Parent)

Glad to witness an improved SMC online classes as compared to last year's. We know that you're doing your best. Thanks for listening to the concerns raised and for adapting to the new normal, Sir. Cheers to all hardworking teachers, the whole mgt & staff of SMC. (HS Parent)

GOOD JOB SMC! Cheers!! (GS Parent)

Kudos to SMC!!! Working from an E-Learning software, I must say (2 thumbs) up to the teachers and content creator.  (GS Parent)

Thank you teachers! (HS Parent)

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