Message from the City Mayor

Message from the City Mayor
South Mansfield College
17th Founding Anniversary

January 14, 2020

I wish to extend my warmest greetings and congratulations to South Mansfield College as you celebrate your 17th Founding Anniversary.

Let me also state that I am deeply honored to deliver this message to all of you, despite the constraints on physical interaction. Verily, 2020 has not been very easy for us and the education sector during this time of the pandemic.

As you commemorate the birth of your school today and your humble beginnings, your institution and most especially the students who were nurtured under your care and discipline have innumerable reasons to be grateful of, to the dedicated and competent officers, staff, faculties, teachers and other stakeholders, who contributed to South Mansfield College’s notable achievement in the field of education.

For the past seventeen-years, you have successfully trained your students; better their knowledge and enhanced their skills and competencies or broaden their horizon as they take the path towards their envisioned and brighter future.

Your institution has been home to some of the 10 Most Outstanding Students in Muntinlupa and the 2019 Robotics Champion of DOST-Colegio de Muntinlupa Robotics Competition, and famed as the “Home of the Royals” among the schools in Muntinlupa.

On this note, do not rest on your laurels, instead, continue to strive to be better and keep on educating our young learners to become the future pillars of our nation.

Again, Congratulations! May God bless us all.

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