SMC Royals make it Big in YMCA National Convention of Students

South Mansfield College enhances leadership potentials and capabilities of the students  through varied activities. 

This year,  14 high school students represented the school extraordinarily well and gave the school prestige during the 30th YMCA National Assembly of Students in Baguio City.

Last November 3-6, 2018, our high school students stood out and became a team to beat by actively participating in the different activities during the national convention for the youth. 

The following are the prestigious awards that our SMC Royals received during the conference:

1.Most Outstanding Delegation for 3 consecutive years
2.Outstanding Delegates—Reggie Mae Novelo & Francine Belen
3.Loyalty Awardees—Reggie Mae Novelo, Francine Belen, and Sarah Wileman
4.Committee Chairs—Dianne Villena, Miguel Secuando, Francine Belen, and Reggie Mae Novelo
5.Best Resolution—Dianne Villena
6.First Runner-up—Mr. YMCA Lakan 2018—Miguel Secuando

The delegation was composed of Matthew Gante, Spencer Fritz Petalio, Fonteriza Pasatiempo, Fatima Rabanera, KC Ambing, Andrea Li Santos, Chantel Peji, Natalie Hirshbein, and Alexandra Castillejo.

The YMCA National Assembly of High School Students is a gathering of selected student leaders from different public and private high schools nationwide. This  year, around 800 delegates participated in resolution writing and other meaningful activities.  The assembly is a venue by which they could share their views and ideas about current issues and concerns affecting their lives. They are provided an opportunity to formulate concrete plan of actions that they may implement in their respective schools.

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