A four-year bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management that anchors in skill development and real workplace application.  South Mansfield College boasts of a fully-equipped HRM Center in which students are honed with their HRM skills.  On top of that, SMC provides students with national certification under TESDA on Cookery, Food & Beverage Services, Bread and Pastry , housekeeping and front office.

Certifications in the Degree Programs

  • First Year

1. Certificate in Culinary Arts

  • Second Year

1. Certificate in Food and Beverages

  • Third Year

1. Certificate in Banquet Management

  • Fourth Year

1. Certificate in Events and Convention Management


After your first year in the program, you will be able to:

- prepare gourmet dishes, project a developed business image and use industry standards on safety and hygiene

As a sophomore, you will be able to:

- professionally serve food and beverages, design and set up facilities in hotel standards and create and serve banquet menus 

During the junior year, you will learn how to:

- manage and control food and beverages operations and style and plate international dishes

By your senior year, you will be able to:

- plan, lead, organize, and control vital hospitality and tourism functions


1. On-the-job training and a possible placement abroad.
2. Establishment of your own restaurant or hospitality business.



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