Globally competitive technology

Official Microsoft curriculum is used to ensure that the graduates of South Mansfield College are equipped with the latest skills to be competitive in the global market, courses are delivered with Microsoft Certification in mind by Microsoft Certified Trainers (there are also Sun Certified Java Programmers in the faculty for those interested with open-source, and Virtualized Ubuntu Linux is also taught).

Institutional Courses

Institutional courses ensure that graduates imbibe South Mansfield College's culture of academic and values excellence and develop the whole personality of the students to make them succeed in their chosen career after college graduation.

Subjects include Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Relations, Values Development, Achievers Core Training, Cross Cultural Education and Urbanity, and Leadership.

Comprehensive Growth Series (CGS)

Students learn to develop their total personality, usually held in SMC’s very own “The Farm” in Cavite. It is designed to develop students in life’s different dimensions-social, cultural, and spiritual dimension.

Mentoring Programs to guide, care, inspire and affirm college students

Each instructor is assigned about 5-10 students whom they follow up, if possible at least three times during the semester. Instructors act as tutors, advisers, listeners, facilitators, and friends to assist students in their personal, emotional, social and psychological development.



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