PS students attend morning assembly

School assemblies are an excellent resource for kids to learn more about the school, develop their values, and provide an exciting venue for them to grow and develop into a valuable member of society and the outlying community. They will also learn about what their school stands for and how it can be the stepping stone to some great opportunities in life.

Gathering together in large groups is a prime training ground for teaching kids discipline and social behavior. During assembly, they will be required to sit quietly, listen attentively, and participate appropriately when necessary. These skills are all valuable both inside and outside of the classroom and school. While the classroom environment certainly helps to instill these values, a full school assembly is what will really put the kids to the test. The assembly takes them out of their comfort zone. Without their familiar circle of friends surrounding them, the behaviors the children need to develop for functioning as part of a large group are reinforced.

School assemblies provide the opportunity for kids to develop their confidence by speaking up and sharing their ideas. There will always be kids who already have the confidence to speak in front of large groups, but a good assembly leader will make sure everyone has a chance to get involved. With the right inspiration, kids who may not be so comfortable talking in front of a group may be inspired to stand up and share their ideas.

Every Thursday at 8:30 in the morning, our PS students will be attending their Morning Assembly.

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