Royals join the African International Model United Nations Delegation

The selected South Mansfield College students from junior and senior high school divisions participated in this year’s African International Model United Nations Delegation. The event happened on November 6 and 7, 2021. Our students transcended in the AIMUN 2021 despite the different time zone. Sleepless nights and a long period of preparations for the conference have paid off.

AIMUN serves as a platform for young leaders and changemakers to exchange ideas and resolve the most challenging global issues. This UN Simulation was an ideal avenue for young diplomats to grasp and grip the urging and critical thinking skills set that would enable them to become a better ambassador. By participating in AIMUN, our students broadened their network for they met and interacted with a diverse group of individuals from around the world. In AIMUN, the students’ experiences as diplomats would be good examples for other youth as a representative of a country, make a decision as a leader and inspire others.

Our representatives have proven once more that we are true to our promise of developing them to become better leaders and movers of society by bagging different awards. The following students are the participants and the awardees:


Marie Gabrielle C. Opiña                                         Italy- Best Delegate

Yla Maryela B. Anda                                                 Ethiopia- Best Position Paper

Augustine Raphael B. Abanador                           Egypt- Outstanding Delegate

Celena Elize C. Espejo                                              Gambia- Best Delegate

Ma. Lourdes Fatima S. Rabanera                           Estonia- Honourable Mention


Amos C. Cruz                                                              Kazakhstan 

Gabrielle Raye DV. Madarang                                 Fiji

 Prince John Ryan S. Salinas                                    Kiribati

Miguel Rex DV. Madarang                                       Gabon

Rafael Joaquin B. Masicat                                        Djibouti

Aldous Francis Deadio                                              Jamaica

Whischelle D. Ama                                                     Poland 

Krishna Nicole N. Mana                                            Palau

Nigela Santina V. Mia                                                Namibia          

Calista Marqui S. Infante                                          Philippines

Carl Christian T. Mahilac                                          Gabon

The participants and the awardees shared that they have become more knowledgeable and experienced on negotiations between 2 groups in a result-oriented manner and it gave them a real illustration of how the UN works.

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