Amos C. Cruz of Grade 10 - Resilience is Southville Global Education Network’s (SGEN) Top 1 Trader for October 2022.  Other Top 10 Gainers from Grade 10 - Resilience are Jamez Jan B. Buenaventura, John Cody B. Palaganas, Jelisha N.  Cruzado, and Rafael Joaquin B. Masicat.  Congratulations, Soaring Royals! 

"As a virtual trader, I need to remain focused on learning more each day. It's important to study and analyze the market. Basically, I review the Fundamentals and use the historical data to determine if it's viable. I try to give time to monitor my account as well. It is essential that we are updated with the latest news as world politics, economic trends and current events - all have an impact on the markets." -Amos C. Cruz 

"I learned that looking for positive news/disclosures that could raise the stock's prices was very important. It is also very important to stick to your plans and set a limit on how much you are willing to lose. Overall, I had a lot of fun learning more about the stock market and Investagrams." -John Cody B. Palaganas

"Compared to my performance last year, I believe that I was able to improve both my mindset and strategy in Investagrams. Something I would do to motivate myself would be to set an alarm clock whenever the market opens, as this reminds me to check Investagrams as often as possible. Along with this, being updated on recent news about which company I plan on buying is a key factor." -Jelisha N. Cruzado

"In my Investagrams experience, I learned things that were unexpected. Since I had to aim high within a short amount of time, I had to become creative and think beyond the box. I learned to rely on luck and faith, because of how uncertain the financial world already is." -Rafael Joaquin B. Masicat

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