A four-year bachelor’s degree in Information Technology that focuses on application system development, multimedia and animation and game development.  It has national and international certifications namely an NC-II in Computer hardware Servicing, NC-III in Animation and NC IV in Computer programming and Microsoft certification. 

Certifications in the Degree Programs
  • First Year

1. Microsoft Certification - MS Office Specialist*
2. Certificate in Office Productivity Tools

  • Second Year

1. Certificate in IT Support Services Management

  • Third Year

1. Microsoft Certification - SQL Server*
2. Certificate in Network Management

  • Fourth Year

1. Certificate in Database Management
2. Certificate in Software Development




This course provides opportunities to students to use software, hardware, telecommunication, and services in providing business systems and solutions. Also, it provides technical and professional competency in programming, networking, and in analytical processes. Moreover, students will be trained to become adaptive to the needs and demands of the IT industry and become technological innovators.They are prepared for a career in Information and Communication technology, with emphasis on the use of computers in the business context.



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