Four Soaring Royals have been chosen to  represent South Mansfield College in the Boys  and Girls Week 2022 organized by the City  Government of Muntinlupa through the initiative  of Youth Affairs and Sports Development Office  and the Local Council for the Protection of  Children (LCPC). It started with the Pre  Convention and Election of the Little City Officials  last October 18, 2022 and culminated on  November 11, 2022. Jared Ethan Tulang and  Kristine Ysabelle Dela Cruz of Grade 6-  Perseverance and Amos Cruz of Grade 10-  Resilience were elected as City Councilors while  Yla Maryela Anda of Grade 10-Resilience hosted  the culminating program.

High School students attend webinar on fire safety

South Mansfield student life is supported and nurtured in every aspect through various programs. Paramount in SMC is safety of every student entrusted to our care.

Last February 14, 2022, Junior High School and Senior High School students attended the fire safety awareness webinar.

Fire safety awareness means analyzing the possible risks of fire in your vicinity and taking preventive measures to ensure minimum damage and safe exit of all the person exposed to fire. However, the priority of every approach is the safe and successful evacuation of people trapped in a building in case of a fire .


Honors assembly recognizes students’ AVID

South Mansfield College prepares students to become movers of society with the AVID (academic excellence, values excellence, interpersonal sensitivity, and drive and determination to achieve) through relevant, innovative and word-class academic and academic support programs in a learning, vibrant and caring environment.

On March 7-9, 2022, ECED, Grade School and High School divisions will conduct the First Term Honors Assembly.

Green honors certificate is awarded to a student who obtained a general weighted average of 3.75-4.00 with no grade lower than A in any subject.

On the other hand, blue honors certificate is awarded to a student who obtained a general weighted average of 3.50-3.74 with no grade lower than A in any subject. Red honors certificate is awarded to a student who obtained a general weighted average of 3.25-3.49 with no grade lower than A in any subject.

Moreover, students who exerted effort to come to school on time and prepared received their perfect attendance certificates.

The honors assembly serves as motivation for students to work hard and harder to achieve their set goals for the academic year. It also sustains the enthusiasm and drive to make an amazing difference.

SMC students are 100% digital citizens

The world is becoming flatter, as they say. This is because the internet and digital technology have paved the way for faster and more collaborative interaction among nations and peoples. As the number of students in schools interact digitally, in content, with one another, and communities, the digital citizenship becomes more and more important to take into consideration.

What is digital citizenship? Digital citizenship is formally defined as “the quality of a individual’s response to membership in a digital community.” It is the self-monitored participation that reflects conscious interdependence with all visible and non-visible community members. Moreover, digital citizenship is also defined as self-monitored habits that sustain and improve digital communities people enjoy and depend on.

Our students in Basic Education are certified as digital citizens of the world. They completed online activities that made them become digital citizens. These activities are part of their Artificial Intelligence (AI) class. With the citizenship, SMC students have acquired habits, actions, and consumption patterns that impact the ecology of digital content and communities. They can already communicate with respect, respecting other’s privacy, seeing things from another perspective, adding helpful information/context to a discussion or wiki page, supporting others by offering useful feedback, encouraging them, or sharing work they are proud of.

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