2018-2019: Aubrey Joson

As a graduate of South Mansfield College, I can confidently say that my years studying within the institution has helped me grow both personally and academically.

They have encouraged me to show off my talents -- in my specific case, this was my penchant for speaking. They gave me multiple opportunities to host both big and small events, both inside and outside of the school grounds, and through these field experiences, I was able to sharpen my skills further when it came to public speaking. I have also improved in my pronunciation and inflection, as well as performing ad libs and engaging with the audience.

As someone who is currently taking BA Communication Arts, planning on majoring in Speech Communication, the experiences that SMC has opened to me has been extremely important in developing my skillset - my nearest and dearest weapon that will help me excel in what I plan on taking. Along with the various events I've hosted, I also believe that the school's Speak English Drive (SED) has improved my overall command of the English language. I can surely say that the drive has not only helped me, but also others as I've seen the massive progress my peers have made from the start to the end of the school year. They feel more secure with their English language, its grammar and pronunciation with the practice given by the implementation of the SED Policy. I have witnessed these once reluctant speakers grow more confident, showing marked improvements in their ability to speak a language they were once unfamiliar with.

SMC has also helped me grow as a person. It has pushed me beyond my comfort zone multiple time. It has molded me into someone more confident and ready to take on new challenges. SMC is a school that sees and taps into the innate potential of its students. They show their students doors to open, encourage them to reach out, and turn the knob themselves, all the while staying by their side to help them in the journey beyond. Their incredible ability to support one another is a strength in our community.

Its relatively small size (as of 2020), most of everyone is a familiar face, which lends to a particularly homey feeling. The staff in particular are extremely commendable, and based on my experience, have been brilliant mentors and have been key parts in my development growing up within the school. The teachers and staff aim to help and guide you onto the right path, putting forth a delicate balance between a stern yet caring approach towards each student under their care. Each and every one of them (yes, even the ates and kuyas) all set students towards the path of AVID (Academic Excellence, Values Excellence, Interpersonal Sensitivity, and Drive and Discipline) - both as an example and as supporters.

While the future is filled with uncertainty, I can at least say that I can step into it with a braver heart for I am armed with the values, skills, and knowledge that South Mansfield College has imparted to me. It has prepared me for the challenges up ahead, helped me grow holistically.

So now? It might just be your turn.

Grow holistically, grow SMC.

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