2018-2019: Alvin Kimura

Choosing South Mansfield College as my school opened up different paths to my future that I would not be able to discover all by my self.

Way back then, I had a carefree attitude towards my student life an it all changed when I started learning more about businesses. The teachings and seminars I have attended with the help of South Mansfield College brought out my capabilities and potentials which then slowly unfolded the roads that would help me reach my dreams and goals.

I was unsure of what to be in the future. The teachers guided and supported me all the way through. I was able to step out of my confort zone and try different things such as making my own clothing line, hosting an event and study videography at the age of 19.

After all of these-and-error attempts, I found out what I want to be in the future, and that is to be a businessman that mainly focuses on cryptocurrency and stocks. The most important thing I have accomplished is South Mansfield College is to know what I desire to be and with that, I am beyond thankful for the fruitful journey I had with South Mansfield College.



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