2013-2014: Nica Dolleton

I came to South Mansfield College (SMC) after transferring from another school and I was immediately impressed with the multitude of opportunities SMC had for me.

The amazing staff at SMC were extremely accommodating and always willing to listen which made the transition easier. My teachers always communicated openly while being attentive to my needs.

My goals were facilitated by the extracurricular activities as well as academic competitions both in and out of school. This helped me grow as a person and understand how to succeed in a new environment.

Overall, I am thankful to SMC for presenting me with an ideal High School journey. I strongly feel that the school prepared me for college and taught me the professionalism required in the workplace. Considering this, I can confidently say that SMC has given me the academic mindset to fully engage in learning and attaining my career ambitions.

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