2012-2013: Seleena Lim

When I first got into South Mansfield College, it just opened programs for high school students. It was a change of environment for me since I came from a big school during my grade school years. As a shy and timid girl I was back then, I thought transferring to a smaller school would mean I would have to interact with more people. But soon after, I realized that I needed that change to unleash the potential I had within.

 In my 4 years of studying in SMC, I have had opportunities to represent the school in various inter school competitions, pageants, and sports. I got to meet and work with people from different backgrounds, broadening my social and interpersonal skills, and overall gaining my self-confidence. I am beyond grateful for the constant support and guidance my teachers have given me.

In SMC I also developed my skills in leadership, volunteerism, and service. My interest in taking up a degree in the healthcare field sparked when I became part of the student council. We would go to residential care facilities, schools, and evacuation centers for outreach programs and donation drives. That was how I discovered that I have a heart for service. I knew then that I wanted to serve the people someday.

What started as a small community made a huge impact in helping me grow to be the person I am today. SMC is my foundation of academic excellence, values excellence, and service. Let it be yours, too.

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