2017-2018: Kiara Soberano

I will always be proud of being a royal. It was the best choice and experience I’ve ever had.

As a former homeschooled student, I thought that entering a big school like South Mansfield College was going to be formidable.

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2014-2015: Jem Bettina Tan

I’m Jem Bettina Tan. I just graduated high school this March 2015 and in two months, I would be entering college as a freshman in UP Manila. I am confident that the things that SMC taught me during my three years of stay here will help me through college. SMC has helped me with a lot of things and I’m here to share a few of them.

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2013-2014: Nica Dolleton

I came to South Mansfield College (SMC) after transferring from another school and I was immediately impressed with the multitude of opportunities SMC had for me.

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2012-2013: Seleena Lim

When I first got into South Mansfield College, it just opened programs for high school students. It was a change of environment for me since I came from a big school during my grade school years. As a shy and timid girl I was back then, I thought transferring to a smaller school would mean I would have to interact with more people. But soon after, I realized that I needed that change to unleash the potential I had within.

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2011-2012: Collen Bunyi

From the very first batch of highschool graduates South Mansfield College (SMC) had produced, it is with great joy and excitement to see how much the school had grown not only in academics but also as part of the community. Staying true in keeping A.V.I.D as part of our lives, SMC continuously exposes its students to different opportunities both inside and outside the school.

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